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Hormonal Harmony is a mother-daughter team that aims to reconnect us to our bodies and our cycles to increase health, happiness and personal power.

We use the model of a healing circle, a sacred and safe space of vulnerability, authenticity and compassion, to educate and share wisdom that will allow us to heal our physical bodies and step into our fullest potential.

Now more than ever we need to be healthy, strong, living fully in our power and in tune with┬ánature’s rhythms. We must lead this generation and parent the next. When we commit to own healing, we heal our families, our communities and our environment. Join us on this mission to connect with our bodies, our cyclical rhythm and our personal and collective health.


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Natural Pain Relief for Period Pain

Many of us have an hormonal imbalance and the same, or similar, root cause can manifest in a multitude of different symptoms in each of us. Since I started my period at age 13, severe cramps have been my major symptom. My mom, although not as educated then as she is...

My journey with charting

Keeping track of my cycle is an incredible tool that led me to a deeper level of understanding and communicating with my body than I ever imagined possible. Like many of us, I started tracking my periods originally in my diary and then with an app