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Hormonal Harmony is a mother-daughter team that aims to reconnect us to our bodies and our cycles to increase health, happiness and personal power.

During a decade of working as a nutritional medicine practitioner in private practice, Beatrice noticed a disturbing trend that matched with her personal experience and with new scientific research: hormonal birth control was making a significant and detrimental impact on the long term health of women, not only in areas of reproductive health but also with autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases and more. 

In 2017 she enrolled to become a certified fertility awareness educator and reproductive health coach with Grace of the Moon in Ashland, Oregon.

Fertility Awareness as a birth control method is learning the signs of fertility and identifying a couple”s “fertile window” in the hormonal cycle which is approximately seven days. 

In 2018, Beatrice was joined by her daughter, Nicola, a cycle awareness coach and women’s circle facilitator to create Hormonal Harmony with the aim to educate and empower women to embrace their natural cycles, heal hormonal imbalances and connect with creativity.

Since 2019, Beatrice & Nicola have been hosting courses and workshops in using the fertility awareness method as contraception, as a tool in supporting conception and as a way to optimize overall health and well-being. 

They also host various other health-related events and offer 1:1 coaching



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