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Cycle Awareness & Ceremony

Cycle awareness is the practice of living in flow with the rhythms of nature. It can provide guidance in many aspects of life and reveal many aspects of your personality and growth. Working with, rather than against, the flow of energy found in nature can nurture a deeper connection to nature, to the diversity of life and in your personal and community relationships.

Nicola has trained with the Red School in Menstruality Leadership to support you in accessing the hidden powers of the hormonal cycle, including uncovering your life’s purpose and clarity in manifesting your vision. Nicola offers 1:1 coaching in the practice of cycle awareness and uses tools such as journaling, art, tarot and herbalism to support your practice. 

Central to the practice of cycle awareness is honouring the transitions of life. In our modern culture, many of these transitions are not celebrated in the way they have been traditionally. 

Nicola offers personalised ceremonies to honour transitions such as menarche (early teens transition into puberty), birthdays, bachelorettes, pregnancy blessings, baby blessings and more. 

Please get in touch with Nicola if you would like personal cycle awareness coaching or if you are planning a special ceremony hormonalharmony.ct@gmail.com