About Us

Hormonal Harmony is a mother-daughter team that aims to reconnect women to their bodies and their cycles to increase health, happiness and personal power. 

Beatrice has been practicing nutritional medicine for 10 years, and has a background in pharmacy, cooking and teaching. She offers private consultations for all your health needs: from hormone balance to auto-immune diseases and everything in between. Beatrice is currently studying to become a reproductive health and fertility awareness educator, and is qualified to teach a Sympto-thermal method of Fertility Awareness as a natural contraceptive and conception method since 2019.

Nicola is an organizer, facilitator and cyclical living coach. She has a background in environmental sciences, political science and project and event management. Nicola offers one-on-one coaching that taps into nature’s rhythms: from your body’s own cycle to the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year to boost your energy, efficiency and power in all areas of your life. Learn how to align with your highest purpose and manifest abundance and satisfaction in your professional life, relationships, emotional well-being and more.

Beatrice and Nicola have brought their talents together to create space for the education and empowerment of women to connect with their innate wisdom and ability to heal themselves and those around them. They host a variety of events: intimate women’s circles to larger workshops; on introductory topics to in-depth information on nutrition and the complex physiology of hormones.

We are organic, always growing and transforming. We are always open to co-creating with those who have a mission aligned with ours. Please contact us

Hormonal Health is a “Vital Sign”

Our hormonal health is an indication of our overall health and can alert us to underlying issues. Do you consider your cycle “blissful”?

Good Health starts with Nutrition

A diverse diet is the foundation of our hormonal and overall health

In tune with Nature’s Rhythms

What’s good and healthy for our planet, is good and healthy for our bodies. We are committed to a reciprocal relationship with our environment

Why Us?

Our Team

Beatrice Rabkin

Nutritional Therapist, Fertility Awareness Educator & Reproductive Health Coach

Nicola Rabkin

Cycle Awareness Coach & Women’s Circle Facilitator