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Homemade Beeswax Candles

Have you ever wondered what candles are made from? What they’re burning and what you’re inhaling? Conventional candle wax is made from paraffin and derived from fossil fuels. Yep, they’re basically petrol made solid. Should we be inhaling burning petrol? When candles...

Natural Pain Relief for Period Pain

Many of us have an hormonal imbalance and the same, or similar, root cause can manifest in a multitude of different symptoms in each of us. Since I started my period at age 13, severe cramps have been my major symptom. My mom, although not as educated then as she is...

Summer Menu

There are plenty of reasons to be celebrating at this time of year - the beautiful Cape Town weather is just one of them. This is the menu for our summer garden party coming up this weekend. Of course we may edit a few things, depending on what available at the...

Happy hormones for the Holidays

The holidays can often be a source of stress for us as we hurry around making sure there are gifts for everyone, our families are fed, our out-of-town guests are happy, and then there’s the excess drinking, lack of sleep and less-than-optimal food choices! Here are some of my tips for getting through the holidays without too much stress on your body and hormones

My journey with charting

Keeping track of my cycle is an incredible tool that led me to a deeper level of understanding and communicating with my body than I ever imagined possible. Like many of us, I started tracking my periods originally in my diary and then with an app

Pain-free Periods are Possible

Looking back to a year ago: lying on the floor of a hostel bathroom in Nicaragua. Sweating, moaning and throwing up from the pain of my period. My attempts at natural pain relief (at that time were a band-aid solution for me) weren’t working and I resorted to Tylenol.