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Heal your Hormones

The hormonal cycle is the fifth vital sign and can provide incredibly valuable information about underlying health issues. 

Because reproduction is not vital to our everyday survival, it is not prioritised when the body is under stress and is often one of the first places that health issues will show up. This is actually an amazing opportunity to start working towards overall health because our hormonal cycles act like the “canary in the coal mine,” alerting us to underlying health issues before they potentially become more serious. 

Hormonal symptoms cannot be treated in isolation and require a holistic and long-term approach. For decades, pharmaceutical birth control has been used as a band-aid solution for any and all hormonal issues. This method of treatment does not address underlying causes and simply presses pause on the hormonal cycle, substituting it with endocrine disrupting chemicals.  

The female hormonal cycle is all about ovulation. Ovulation is actually the main event of the cycle (not menstruation) and is the driving force behind cycling hormones. Almost all hormonal imbalances stem from less-than-optimal ovulation. 

Ovulation is an extremely stress-sensitive process requiring an abundance of nutrients. If there is another system in the body under stress or functioning less-than-optimally, ovulation cannot be optimal either. Hormonal health requires a balanced gut microbiome, optimal liver function and the ability to handle stress.  

We offer a holistic and root-cause approach to balancing your hormones naturally that will result in long-term solutions, using nutrition and lifestyle medicine. The practice of charting your cycles using the fertility awareness method will empower you to take charge of your own health. We also incorporate cycle awareness practices to better understand how to work with the ebb and flow of the energies within your cycle.  

We offer support in a few different ways (please contact us for pricing and payment options): 

  • 1:1 sessions with Beatrice & Nicola. Get personal attention and support as you make this journey to hormonal balance
  • Live group classes (both online and in-person, in Cape Town). A great way to learn in a group setting, get to know others on the same journey and enjoy some lively discussions! Check out upcoming courses in our events
  • Our online, self-paced course. Empower yourself with the first steps in your hormone balance journey, in your own time from the comfort of wherever you are. We will still have live check-ins to offer individual support and will recommend further support if needed (coming soon)