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Cycle Day One, August 2018

Looking back to a year ago: lying on the floor of a hostel bathroom in Nicaragua. Sweating, moaning and throwing up from the pain of my period. My attempts at natural pain relief (at that time were a band-aid solution for me) weren’t working and I resorted to Tylenol as I had many times before. Eventually I managed to fall asleep and got relief from the pain.

Fast forward a year: I have made my healing my priority. I take my supplements every day. I take time to make rituals. I allow my feelings to flow. I rest when I need to. I am more conscious of my food choices. I semi-fast for my period. I practice loving mantras for my bleeding and my body. I have made my cycle my focus and my life’s work.

This cycle has been the closest thing to pain-free in years, maybe my whole life! I am rejoicing.Whether your pain is physical or emotional, life-disrupting or just below the surface: pain-free periods are not only possible, they are our birth right! We have been convinced that pain is our burden as women. This is a lie! We carry the pain of centuries of oppression and ignorance in our wombs… it is time to break free!

Join us on the journey to #hormonalharmony for all women