Healing Community

Healing happens better in community. 

Part of our mission is to create accessible, safe spaces of healing and education.

We host  a variety of events  from intimate circles to larger workshops, on introductory topics to in-depth information on nutrition and the complex physiology of our hormones. Take a look at our upcoming events.

We work with all age groups, from teens to menopause, and create events to support the different phases of our lives. While much of our focus is on the female anatomy and physiology currently, we are open to and believe in the importance of including all genders in this conversation. 

We invite you to our regular living room conversations where everyone is welcome to bring their questions, meet new people and find support in healing community.  Join our mailing list here.

We are always open to co-creating with those that align with our vision. Please contact us about collaborating.


Menarche: this is the time when a young girl gets her first menstrual bleed. In many ancient and traditional cultures, this time is celebrated and revered. In modern society this is often a time of embarrassment, confusion and shame. Let’s rewrite that story. We can create a personalized ceremony for you and the girls in your life. 

Adolescence: did you know it can take up to 10 years for menstruation to “regulate”? Many teenagers are put on synthetic hormones for irregular cycles or other symptoms like acne, which are the body’s own ways of balancing hormones. Synthetic hormones do not treat symptoms, only suppress them and there are natural ways to support that process.  Let’s encourage our teens to take charge of their health, rather than have to implement damage control in their 20s and 30s. Invite us to your schools for a holistic and empowering education program. 

Contraception: hormonal birth controls negatively impact every system in the body. We promote and teach a symptothermal method of fertility awareness that empowers couples to work with the natural hormonal cycle rather than against it. Everyone deserves an abundant and easeful sex life that promotes the health of both partners. We regularly run group courses in Conscious Contraception. 

Conception and fertility: more and more we are seeing the rise of “infertility” and IVF treatments. We don’t believe in infertility! There are many, many natural interventions that can improve egg health, sperm health and the viability of a pregnancy; even improve the chances of IVF! We are passionate about the health and strength of our future generations. Please contact us for support in this regard.

Pregnancy, post-partum and motherhood: these are extremely tender times in a woman’s life and she needs all the support she can get! It takes a village. We want to support you in giving yourself and your little ones optimal health and well-being

Peri-menopause and menopause: the period of time before menstruation stops and after it has stopped (defined by 12 months of no bleeding). These can be trying times in a woman’s life. The conventional “treatments” offered are again, synthetic hormones or, in some cases, hysterectomy. We offer a path of natural healing, balance and empowering women through these life changes. Invite us to chat with your book club ladies or religious group – we’d love to meet you!