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Beatrice’s health philosophy recognises that an individual’s state of health is the result of the interaction between genetic inheritance and environmental factors, such as diet and lifestyle.

At the initial consultation (allow 90 minutes), a detailed picture of your life story will be taken. It will include your health history, current and previous medications, psychological and emotional factors, exercise, stress levels, dietary habits and any symptoms of ill-health.

In certain circumstances, laboratory testing may be recommended. These enable a more targeted and individualized nutrition program to be devised and they can also help to monitor your progress as you work through the program.

Some people may only need two consultations, while others, with more deep-seated issues, will need follow-up appointments at regular intervals to meet their nutritional health goals.  Personalized dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations will be given. 

Beatrice qualified with The Well: School of Body Literacy (formerly Grace of the Moon) to be a fertility awareness educator and reproductive health coach.  If you are looking for a natural form of birth control, for easeful conception or have any worrying hormonal balances, she will be able to support you. 




Nicola is a cyclical living and business coach. She uses the rhythms of nature to align all aspects of life, from personal to professional, with the divine flow of energy that circulates our planet and our universe.

One-on-one sessions with Nicola may take place outdoors or over a cup of homemade herbal tea. The first meeting (up to 90 minutes) includes topics like your life story and indicators of your current hormonal cycle to realize patterns that may reveal truths about your values and your life’s purpose. Other tools such as tarot, herbs, crystals, cycle awareness and charting may be used to uncover your needs. Teachings will include lessons from the moon, the seasons and your own cyclical rhythm. 

Continued support from Nicola will assist in aligning all aspects of your life, from your personal relationships to your professional life or small business, with the rhythms of nature and your heart’s deepest yearnings through real achievable goals, to live in flow with and supported by abundant universal creative energy.

You can expect an increase of energy, efficiency, personal and emotional strength, creativity, satisfaction and abundance in your life. Learn how to create personal mantras and rituals that suit your life and your needs. Set intentions and watch them unfold. Create an altar in your home to invite divinity into your actions. Tap into the wild, deeply connected, woman you know you are.


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