> Stewed Apples | Hormonal Harmony

Cooking apples releases a nutrient known as pectin. Pectin is a gel-like, soluble fibre that is not absorbed in the stomach or the small intestine but works it’s magic in the large intestine. Here it acts as a prebiotic and assists in the flourishing of healthy gut bacteria and managing overgrowth of the not-so-good gut bacteria. It’s potential health benefits include aid with digestive issues, weight management, blood sugar and more. All of these, of course, are intimately related to hormonal health because, as we know, hormonal health is dependent on the optimal functioning of all underlying systems.

Organic apples can’t be found all year round but they are available now in late summer / autumn. We get ours from Back Area Gardens.

Here is our recipe for stewed apples which can be eaten on their own, added to a smoothie or made into a delicious sugar-free dessert.


6 Organic apples (conventional apples are on the Dirty Dozen list!)

1/2 cup of water (preferably spring water)

2tsp Organic cinnamon (make sure it’s non-irradiated!)


Cut your apples into about 1.5cm cubes. Leave the skin on (only if organic) and the seeds, stem and core. Add these to a pot with the water and cinnamon and bring to the boil. Once boiled, cover the pot and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. The apple pieces should be no longer distinguishable shapes and have a slight sheen to them.

Eat warm or cold. Store in the fridge. A portion size should be that of about 1 apple.

Let us know if you add stewed apples to your diet.