There are plenty of reasons to be celebrating at this time of year – the beautiful Cape Town weather is just one of them.

This is the menu for our summer garden party coming up this weekend. Of course we may edit a few things, depending on what available at the markets this week and changes in inspiration. I’ll post some of recipes over the next little while: let me know which of these dishes inspires you!



Organic olives

Homemade seed crackers & dips

Mushroom nuggets (Earthshine, pg 101)



Garlicky-lemon grilled chicken wings

Grilled calamari with slow-roasted tomatoes, green beans, olives & preserved Moroccan lemons

Roasted baby potatoes with onion and garlic

Seasonal roasted vegetables in homemade pesto (peppers, zucchini, aubergine)

Lemony lentils with mint, dhania, rocket & feta (Whole Kitchens, pg 71)

Roasted butternut with rocket, red onion, pumpkin seeds & parmesan (Whole Kitchens, pg 195)

Kale coleslaw with fennel, carrot, spring onion & sunflower seeds with creamy mustard dressing (Whole Kitchens, pg 192)



Spice-roasted seasonal fruit served with whole cream and Cointreau


I hope we can inspire you to have a healthy, stress-free summer celebration. Please share your photos with us using the hashtag #hormonalharmony